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The BPS series is a family of high performance Shore Power Supply developed according to needs for shipbuilding, berths and ships. It can operate under environment with high level of humidity, heat and corrosion, and provide pure 50Hz and 60Hz power to abusive loads.


With output power up to 2000kVA, the BPS series has output voltage of 440V (L-L) and output frequency of 47~63Hz continuously adjustable and 50/60Hz fixed. Installed in a customized container, it has protection level up to IP54 and overload capability for harsh conditions.

Product Features
  • Overload Capability: 110% for 1 hour and 150% for 1 minute
  • Equipped with outdoor level container to increase protection level up to IP54 for harsh conditions
  • High input power factory and high efficiency up to 92%
  • Patented power module design with compact size for easier maintenance and high power density.
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature with corresponding error codes.
  • Emergency stop button to shut down output immediately
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